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10:04 22 Aug 18
Good food, good service. Outdoor seating is nice and there is lots of it
Vitaly Rubin
Vitaly Rubin
20:07 11 Aug 18
Nice beer, very succesful burgers, service way above the expectations.
Tsvi Rozenhauz
Tsvi Rozenhauz
18:58 23 Jun 18
Very original hamburgers and amazing service. The only issue: now I HAVE TO visit again till I taste all the menu :))))
Refael Madar
Refael Madar
20:23 18 May 18
We had a good time but expected much more. We came to the bar with a certain expectation after hearing good things, the music and general ambience was good ,the waiters were probably the nicest and most professional I've ever encountered, we ordered our food and drinks,we got them pretty quickly , except for my mothers salad, when it came it was not as ordered, it took 20 minutes to make it anew and she ate alone, and she didn't enjoy it at all. My burger came not as ordered but it was packed so I didn't notice until I was halfway through it, I didn't enjoy it at all and frankly couldn't eat anymore, and the prices weren't good at all , much higher than expected ,didn't leave well fed, at least the beers were really good. And we got a free dessert for all the issues.
Avi Yampolsky
Avi Yampolsky
20:46 09 May 18
Great spot for upscale pub grub with a twist, great beer and awesome vibe. You cannot go warong with any of the "Burger Revolution" (or "Revolutionary Burgers", not sure which of the two is the more appropriate translation) - grilled to perfection and paired with high-quality, creative toppings (and bedding). All fresh hand made on premises. Love the decor as well - the new grill sink in the washrooms is genious. A must try.
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